Parent Teacher Group

Parent Teacher Group

NCBIS prides itself on not only providing a high quality and truly international education but also on being a close knit multicultural community thus enabling families from all over the world to feel the warmth and kindness of our host country.

Central to our mission as a Parent Group is the commitment to facilitate the integration of all families into the community and involving as many parents as possible in the many events and activities. We hope that by encouraging such inclusion that we can grow stronger as a community where all flourish through a compelling sense of belonging.

The Parent Group this year has consisted of 5 mums who volunteered their time and effort to develop further the NCBIS spirit. The committee has children in different year groups and we have grown together as a team.

We would like to thank the community for being so supportive and willing to help out – you are an amazing group of volunteers!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the events and activities and that the team were as helpful and creative as they could be.

Eman Abou Ghalli

Maha Badran

Disha Jitesh Surjiani

Peri Ghonaim

Sheilla A.Mpumwire