Location & Facilities

Location & Facilities



Welcome to NCBIS (New Cairo British International School). Established in 1978, NCBIS is the home of over 700 students, 65 nationalities, and the number one school provider for the expat community in New Cairo.

The school was originally located in Heliopolis, but in 1998, relocated to a new purpose-built site in New Cairo.

While the present school site can accommodate more students, the Board of Directors made a strategic decision to limit the school enrolment to 815 students in order to maintain a safe and spacious school environment.

NCBIS is located within a secure walled campus, at the heart of the quiet residential suburb of New Cairo.

We are located about a 25 minutes’ drive from the airport and about 30 minutes’ drive from the Nile riverside of Maadi.

Our school takes pride in being student oriented; our students’ wellbeing, education, and support is always our top priority. With initiatives such as Challenges Week, that sees all students from the Secondary school having the chance to join a week of experiential learning outside of the classroom walls, To having extracurricular activities to students starting from Year 1 where The students have a wide range of activities that reflect our IB Diploma Programme of creativity, activity and service.

Primary, Dutch, and EY Prelude:

The British Primary and Dutch stream share the main Primary building, housing 21 classrooms, a library resource centre, a computer suite, Learning Support and English as an additional language classrooms.

Separate to the main building is our Early Years area, with a shaded outdoor learning environment, including a large sandpit and creative outdoor learning area.

All rooms are fully air conditioned and the school has an excellent IT infrastructure, with all classrooms in the school being networked with high speed wifi, as well as being equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Across the school sets of iPads and Laptops can be booked for class use, enhancing the ICT provision in our two libraries.


Our early years area is comprised of 2 Nursery Classes, which accept students from 3 years old and the average number of students per classroom is 15 to a maximum of 18.

 As the students move from nursery class to our reception classes, the maximum number of students increases to be 22 students per class. All Early Years and Primary classrooms have a full time qualified teacher as well as full time teaching assistants. 

All classes are fully air conditioned, with interactive whiteboards and lots of room for the students to move freely in class.

The school day starts at 07:50 am and finishes at 1:00 pm for Nursery children, while students from Reception to Year 6 finish their day at 2:30 pm.

The Early Years outside play area provides students with a wonderful, safe environment to play, interact with each other, and have their snacks and lunch breaks.


Going through the Primary building entrance, we have our Dutch stream. The Dutch system accepts students from 2.5 years and has 4 classrooms where year groups are combined together. Our Dutch stream is certified and licensed by the Dutch ministry of education and at present has more than 30 children. The Dutch Stream has its own Head who is responsible to the school principal. Our Dutch stream now accepts non-Dutch students although the students need to have English and speak and understand Dutch, since they share several lessons with their peers from our British system.


The primary building houses our Primary students from Year 1 to Year 6. All year groups currently have 3 form entry (3 classes per year group). Our Primary School, along with the Early Years, all follow the UK National Curriculum for England through the teaching methods of the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Our Primary Library is at the heart of our primary school, with learners using all it has to offer regularly throughout the day. Our full-time librarian, resource manager and IT support are here to assist students and teachers. Students receive a weekly lesson in the library, teaching them key library skills including researching, reading for information and the Dewey decimal system. Our books are organised into different sections and this year we are adding some more comfortable seating for our students to relax and read!

Our ICT room is our IT learning hub for our computing curriculum and is open to students during break times.  We have a focus on STEAM learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, helping our young learners prepare for the future. Students also have access to laptops and ipads available in their classrooms for research and assignments. 

We always encourage students and parents alike to include book reading in their daily routine and we regularly host events for parents promoting book reading, book swaps and exchanges.

Our school also works with charities in donating books, doing workshops and hosting events for other schools as well.


PE department is located next to the sports facilities. Our school sports facilities include a large grassed sports pitch, fitness centre, a heated learner pool and heated outdoor 6 lane 25m swimming pool as well as a multi-purpose all weather court. Students have 1 to 3 PE lessons a week depending on their Year Group and all sports activities are incorporated into their timetable. Students in our 6th form are able to use our fitness gym which has a range of top quality running, spinning and rowing machines as well as various weight machines.

The Arts:

NCBIS has an Arts building where the school auditorium, Music, Drama and Art departments are housed. Students are able to take music, art or drama at IGCSE and  IB level. They also have specialist music, drama and art lessons in the primary school which are usually taken in the primary classrooms or in our Arts building.

NCBIS gives great care to the arts, where the school competes locally as well as internationally in various competitions. We have a strong music background at NCBIS with orchestra, a host of rock bands and singers from opera to rock. All students have the possibility of having specialist music or singing lessons with the tutors to help nurture their gifts in all aspects including but not exclusive to Piano, Bass, Violin, Drums, Guitar, and singing.


The pergola area is shaded for Primary and Secondary students to spend their breaks, and hosts the school Canteen where student are able to purchase snacks, sandwiches, hot meals, and drinks. The daily menu has a variety of options available for student and staff. Students are also able to bring food from home if they wish.


The Secondary School occupies two buildings (A and B), Building A accommodates the English, Mathematics and Modern Foreign Language faculties.

Building B accommodates the library, ICT, Humanities and Science faculties.

All rooms are fully air conditioned and the school has an excellent IT infrastructure with all classrooms in the school being networked with high speed wifi, as well as being equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Across the school sets of iPads and laptops can be booked for class use, enhancing the ICT provision in our two libraries.