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In this section of the website, you will find policies for the key areas of responsibility the school has for looking after your child, this should be read and understood by all parents at the school.

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Safeguarding at NCBIS

NCBIS and its staff are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people under our care. We expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.

Our policies create an open environment where staff and pupils feel able to raise concerns in the knowledge that they will be properly listened to, and where support services and other agencies will be involved as and when necessary. Everyone is expected to contribute to creating this culture of safeguarding.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding

The school will ensure that the welfare of children is given paramount consideration when developing and delivering all school activities:

  • All children, regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, race, language, religion or sexual identity, have equal rights to protection: to feel safe, secure, valued, respected and confident, and know-how to approach adults if they are facing difficulties.
  • It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children as part of their professional duties.
  • Indeed, everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play in safeguarding children.
  • All staff have an equal responsibility to act, in accordance with the Safeguarding Policy and procedures and KCSIE 2020, on any suspicion, concern or disclosure that may suggest a child is in need of support services or is at risk of significant harm. The full version of KCSIE is available to all staff internally.
  • The safety of a child is of the utmost importance, overriding any additional concerns, for example, relating to data protection or fears of sharing information.

The school's safeguarding policy will be reviewed at least annually by the Governing Body and Designated Safeguard Lead, unless events or regulatory changes require a more frequent review.
Our safeguarding policies and procedures are consistent with UK procedures.

Photographs and Videos

Whilst lots of parents and carers really enjoy seeing photos and videos of their children’s school life we are very mindful of our duty of care towards all our pupils. We take the issue of safeguarding very seriously and this includes the use of photographic and video images.

Any photographs or videos taken by parents, carers and relatives at school productions, sports days or other events are for the enjoyment of individual families. They must not be used in any way that could potentially place a child at risk. This would include publishing images in any form of print or on the internet including social networking sites. This is emphasised before concerts and shows etc and where practical a record of parents and relatives taking photographs or videos is made.

We understand that in exceptional circumstances a parent or carer may not wish their child to be photographed or videoed in this way. If this is the case then please contact the headteacher to discuss how this can be best achieved.


Occasionally, the local press will be invited to take photographs of school events and special achievements. We like to use photographs of our children on our website, in school documents, such as our annual yearbook, for parent information meetings, newsletters and on our display screens around the school. If you do not wish photographs of your child to be used for these purposes, then please contact the Headteacher.

If you are worried about a child’s safety, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Small or Mr Rossall.

Please refer to the links below to give you all the needed information about Safeguarding your children:

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Child Protection - Raising Concerns

Online Safety

Mental health and wellbeing policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Safeguarding information for Parent Leaflet

Information Sharing

Keeping Children Safe In Education

Working Together to Safeguard Children

The Prevent Duty

Voicing Concerns Guidance

Ditto logo@2x

DITTO January 2020

#DITTO is a free online safety (e-safety) magazine for schools, organisations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology. A new edition is released approx. every 6 weeks.

Online Safety in NCBIS

There are several elements to Internet Safety that we teach at NCBIS:

• How to use the internet safely, and what to do if something goes wrong or we see something we shouldn’t.

• How to keep ourselves safe – keeping our details private and keeping our data secure.

• How to behave when using technology – being courteous and responsible, and what to do if others treat us in a way which is not kind. This strand also links with our behaviour and anti-bullying policies.

• Encouraging a healthy use of technology – not over-using mobiles, consoles or computers.


You will be asked to sign and agree to our ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ when your child starts at NCBIS. This details some of the ways in which we encourage children to behave, and outlines our rules for safe use of technology. We also ask your permission for the use of photos and video on the website and in other places.

Our home-school partnership

At NCBIS we really value the support and engagement we receive from our parent community. It is really important to us that parents and carers work together with us to ensure children stay safe in their use of technology at home as well as at school. When we talk about online-safety, we are not just talking referring to using the internet. We are talking about the use of computers, games consoles (such as Xbox or PS), mobile phones, televisions, tablets, such as ,the iPad, wearable technology and other devices.

What to do if your child is worried

Talk to your child about what to do if they see content that worries or upsets them. Let them know they can talk to you, or another trusted adult, without getting in trouble if they do come across something that worries them.

If your child does see or do something, or meet someone online that worries them, they will be looking for your support. Try not to overreact if they tell you about something that has happened to them.

• Emphasise they have made a good decision by sharing their concerns

• Allow them to share what they want with you. Try to listen rather than ask lots of questions to begin with.

• Offer emotional support, and let them know you’ll help.

Useful links for working on Online Safety at home:

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