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NCBIS is a non-selective, non-denominal international school serving Cairo’s international community and is the sole operational activity of the Heliopolis Society for Cultural and Social Care of English Speaking Foreigners (Registration 2643 on Sept 15th 1979) otherwise known as ‘The Society’. The NCBIS operates under the auspices of the Society, which in turn is an independent, non-profit organisation registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Egypt.

NCBIS has a Board of Directors made up entirely of NCBIS parents (society members) and ensures a close connection to the school community. Each year at the Annual General Meeting the elections for the Board are normally held and voted upon by the school community*. All parents are welcome to run for election and offer many amazing and useful areas of expertise to help the school continue to improve and grow.

The Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction and financial viability of the school while taking a support role for the Senior Management Group.


On behalf of the Board of Governors at NCBIS, I would like to share a message with our community.

This year was a very special year as the school operated for one full year without external interruptions. Fortunately, science and the love of life overcame COVID-19 and we experienced the blessing of returning back to normal.

At the beginning of this academic year, the school and the society managed to comply with the new law organizing the operations of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Egypt and our OGM elected the current board for the next four years.

Our Academic Team has successfully implemented the High Performance Learning program (HPL) in the school and we are ready for the final audit and accreditation. We are also preparing the school for the Council of International Schools (CIS) and British Schools Overseas (BSO) audit by the beginning of the next academic year. These accreditations will ensure that NCBIS is working to the international standards as a first class international school that is recognized by the most prestigious accreditors in the UK.

We are happy to see our students enjoying and benefiting from the newly introduced A Level programme with an increased number of students choosing this qualification. The academic leadership team are working hard to offer very well designed subject selections to satisfy the needs of our brilliant students. Meanwhile, our IB programme is still one of the best in the region and we will continue to offer both programs to meet the expectations of our students and prepare them to be successful global citizens.

The school renovation plan is still ongoing and we completed the Early Years building renovation at the beginning of the academic year and the students are now enjoying the new facility. Furthermore, the Primary building and its classes have seen considerable facelifting along with the administration building.

The Board would like to thank our Principal and Academic Team for their efforts to improve the education processes in the school and maintain the standards and ethos of NCBIS. We also thank our Executive Business Director and her administrative team who work behind the scenes to guarantee the smooth operation of the school and its facilities.

Finally, I would like to wish our NCBIS community happy holidays and safe travels and look forward to welcoming you back in the next academic year.

Lotfy Elbadrawy
Chairman of the Board of Governors

  • Lotfy El Badrawy – Board Chair
  • Yasmine Khamis – Vice Chair
  • Mohamed Zaki – Board Treasurer
  • Omar El Hassanein
  • Hossam Leheta
  • Aziz Mansour
  • Pakinam Kafafi
  • Walid Elhusseiny
  • Rufino Ortega Lozano

The board also have made a number of subcommittees which are:

Academic Committee: Omar El Hassanein, Hossam Leheta, Pakinam Kafafi, Yasmine Khamis.

Finance Committee: Lotfy El Badrawy, Mohamed Zaki, Hossam Leheta, Aziz Mansour.

Facilities Committee: Omar El Hassanein, Hossam Leheta, Aziz Mansour, Walid Elhusseiny

HR Committee:   Fikry Kaissouni, Yasmine Khamis, Aziz Mansour.

Compliance Committee: Pakinam Kafafi, Rufino Ortega Lozano.

Should you wish to contact the Board for any reason, please write to grpboard@ncbis.co.uk or the Chairman on chairman@ncbis.co.uk.

Please note, that it would always be advisable to contact the school first on info@ncbis.co.uk, ask to see the person responsible for the area you are interested in, and as a last resort, contact the Board.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team oversees the daily operations of the school, from curriculum issues to support functions for the delivery of the curriculum. It is comprised of the Principal, Executive Business Director, Head of Dutch, Head of Primary, Head of Secondary, Finance and Compliance Director, Human Resources Director, Facility Director.